Who We Are?

My Mission

Hey everyone! I built this blog to help spread my love of sailing to the world and help to spread some of the benefits sailing promotes. I learned how to sail on a sailboat called the optimist when I was just a beginner at 9 years old. From there, I started working as a sailing coach until I worked my way up the ladder to become the Head Coach of my local sailing school. Now, I sail competitively at the college level on 420 sailboats simply because I enjoy sailing. I saw firsthand the benefits sailing can add to the lives of my students, and now I want to pass those benefits on to more of the world. 

I hope this inspires beginners to learn to how sail so that they can enjoy the same benefits I found. Please feel free to reach out with questions or any requests for future guide posts. I am happy to help you learn how to sail!

Laser Sailboats Racing Downwind

My Favorite Boat

My favorite sail boat is a very close tie between the Laser and the 420. I have tons of experience with sail boat races on a 420, but very little on a Laser. I enjoy sailing a Laser because they are very fast, and I enjoy sailing a 420 because they are very agile.